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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The_photoshootThose of you who are in Yahoo groups with me or keep up with my personal blog, Life in a House of Testosterone (now linked in the navigation bar on the MCM Blog!), know that I've just come off of a 4 day Glee marathon and am more than a tad bit obsessed with the show now and cannot wait for season 4 to begin.

Watching this show has been so extremely satisfying and inspirational to me!  I remember, very vividly in fact, what it was like in high school for me.  I was a geeky, shy girl ... usually the one in the back of the room that nobody paid any attention to.  There were several classifications in my school clique - the in crowd, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the stoners, the rebels, the geeks.  I was in the "something other" category in school and never really felt as though I fit in anywhere - except when I was in chorus.  I lived to sing back then.  I remember trying out for my school's "Glee Club" which was called the Ensemble, my senior year of high school.  I wanted to get up on that stage and sing and perform in front of all of my classmates, to be able to go to competitions and help my school win amazing awards.  My dream was to become a famous singer like Olivia Newton John or Pat Benatar or Madonna.  I don't know of a single girl in the 80's who didn't want to be just like Madonna.  That is, until my chorus teacher told me that I did not make the cut and that, while I had a 'decent' voice, I was pretty much tone deaf and would never be able to sing professionally.

Talk about having a dream thrown to the ground and stomped and shredded to bits.  I cried for days and days and days afterwards.  So, while my dreams of being famous went out the window that day, my love of singing never did.  I sang anywhere and everywhere that there was music playing.  In the car, cleaning the house, at work (when nobody was around and very, very softly LOL), walking the dog - it didn't matter.  Music has a special connection to my very soul that is as essential as breathing is to me.

I stopped singing several years ago.  My inner voice was silenced, and I have noticed that since I have not been singing, I have not been as happy as I once was.  Not as carefree.  Oh sure I still listen to music all the time, but there is a big difference between listening and singing.  The kids at McKinley High School gave me my voice back over the past four days.  They have inspired me to continue reaching for my dreams, to continue reaching for the stars, and to just SING as much as I want, or need to.

So with that in mind, I created this signature tag for a few members of the House of Tags Yahoo Group, for my own Always List, and for my Blessings List.  I would love to challenge each and every one of you that reads this, to create a tag about what your dream was that you let go of - for whatever reason.  It is never too late to get joy in your heart again, to awaken your soul, to give you something to look forward to every morning!  So start dreaming again - and leave a comment with a link to your Dreams and Inspirations tag to share with the rest of us!



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